Tuesday, April 28, 2020


(Justin Nobel at the Extinction Rebellion Youtube channel)

"Oil-and-gas wells produce nearly a trillion gallons of toxic waste a year. An investigation shows how it could be making workers sick and contaminating communities across America according to journalist Justin Nobel.

From Justin's article published in Rolling Stone, January 2020, "One day in 2017, Peter pulled up to an injection well in Cambridge, Ohio. A worker walked around his truck with a hand-held radiation detector, he says, and told him he was carrying one of the “hottest loads” he’d ever seen. It was the first time Peter had heard any mention of the brine being radioactive."

Monday, April 27, 2020



(video interview on YouTube.com)

by Chris Hedges
(still on the now defunct Truthdig.com)

"There is only one choice in this election. The consolidation of oligarchic power under Donald Trump or the consolidation of oligarchic power under Joe Biden."


(Election Crimes Bulletin on Flashpoints)
Dennis Bernstein and Greg Palast

"...And I begin with the story of how they stole the election in Georgia then took that method of removing voters and they’re marching it across the country to Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc. Now, the thing is, what we can do though is, if we read the book, if we understand the material, we can steal it back. We can take back our election. It’s not too late. They’ve wiped out 17 million voters off the voter rolls. They rejected 17 million registrations. I just told you that two-thirds of a million people are going to lose their vote because of the ID laws. Here’s what we do. We can fight back. We can take care of our own votes. We can change the system, and we can work like hell… And. bye the way, you can’t win with 51% of the vote, you need 55% — that’s our rough calculation, it’s a pretty accurate one. They can’t steal all the votes all the time. Believe me, they can’t. And Georgia will be in play. No matter what Brian Kemp does, no matter how many of his voters he kills, it’s going to be in play..."

Friday, April 10, 2020



Joe or No? by Jim Kavanagh
 (Counter Punch.org)

"I won’t be voting for Joe Biden. Here’s why, and here’s what I make of the arguments why I should vote Biden no matter what, a corollary of Vote Blue No Matter Who (VBNMW).

The basis of the VBNMW argument is that there is a decisive, dispositive, ethico-political difference in kind between the Democratic and Republican parties. In this line of thinking, the Democratic Party as an institution, and/or its nominee personally is, or wants to be, a force for progressive change on behalf of working people, and the Republican Party is the primary institution obstructing such change.

2020 has certainly left that argument in tatters."

* * * * * *

When the corporations that run D.C. offer us Dumb or Dumber, it's time to vote for a third party. 

Our media is as corrupt as our politicians, it's time to ignore them both. If we all vote for principled nobodies, we, the people, might become somebodies.

Overwhelm the rigging, vote for anyone but a Republican or Democrat.

Fuck the fuckers that have been fucking us forever.

Strike back!


Edward Snowden, Andray Domise, and Cassie King

"A conversation about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the social fabric and the risk of acquiescing to more surveillance during times of peril."