Wednesday, March 28, 2018



I've always wondered about using fingerprint access on devices, thinking it's a lot more secure to have a secret password that can't be hacked by just getting you drunk. You pass out and your fingers unwittingly betray you. Or an even less scrupulous person might hack your phone by simply hacking your finger off.

I'm reminded of Lister using a severed hand to open that door on Red Dwarf, secured by palm print (disgusting…maybe, effective…certainly).


As I've said before, the mass digitizing of faces and fingerprints "for security reasons," will really speed things up when the jackboots start segregating the homeland.

Thursday, March 22, 2018



Sweat shops, chain stores and wage slaves are the rule in the economy of cheap.

Walmart rakes in billions selling stuff made and sold by indentured servants. Selling cheap the Walton family has amassed a fortune approaching 150 billion dollars, they are among the richest families in the world. Yet, many of their employees require government assistance to feed themselves and their families.

As a nation we seem to value profit more than people. More and more we see systems that crush workers in order to maximize corporate profit.

Unregulated driver apps are having a devastating impact on the transportation industry. As citizens perhaps we should be more concerned with the negative impacts of unfettered capitalism on our cities and the workers that live there, instead of blindly exploiting cheap and easy services.

Perhaps there are solutions in this modern world that increase transportation convenience without throwing people under the corporate bus.

Here's a taxi driver's perspective:

(On Contact with Chris Hedges)


'The Gig Economy' Is the New Term for Serfdom



The Koch brothers are not alone.

Big business is loyal to cash, not country. To find those guilty of collusion to gain, maintain, and of course abuse power, we don't have to leave home. 

There are many American billionaires like the Kochs, spending millions to corrupt democracy. They should be indicted, not a few paid internet trolls from foreign lands. 

Multinational corporate CEOs, assisted by the Citizens United Supreme Court debacle, flood Super PACS with cash to help spread smear across the electoral landscape, not forgetting the importance of gaming even the smallest local elections. This grotesque mudslide of money turns politics into a theater of the absurd, and is also used to buy politicians and promote boilerplate legislation designed to suppress the vote.

In the U.S. no stone is left unturned to make voting a futile endeavor.

Multinational corporate CEOs use a variety of tactics to undermine the will of the majority, and some involve ties to foreign intelligence services. Evidence suggests that Israel exerts more influence on our politics than any other foreign nation, but that narrative doesn't serve the interests of our elite.

Here's some news:

(UK: Channel 4)

(The Real News)

Monday, March 12, 2018




"With the Russian president in the heat of a re-election campaign, he sat down to talk with NBC’s Megyn Kelly for an interview that enabled him to burnish his credentials to the Russian electorate, Ray McGovern explains."

Following the link below to watch an interesting interview with the author of the above article.

(Redacted Tonight - VIP)

"Lee Camp speaks with Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst who recently warned the Trump administration that its push for war with Iran is based on false pretenses. McGovern co-founded VIPS, a group whose first memorandum warned President Bush that his administration’s push for war with Iraq was similarly ill-founded."


Call Me Lucky (Official Documentary Website)