Thursday, March 22, 2018



Sweat shops, chain stores and wage slaves are the rule in the economy of cheap.

Walmart rakes in billions selling stuff made and sold by indentured servants. Selling cheap the Walton family has amassed a fortune approaching 150 billion dollars, they are among the richest families in the world. Yet, many of their employees require government assistance to feed themselves and their families.

As a nation we seem to value profit more than people. More and more we see systems that crush workers in order to maximize corporate profit.

Unregulated driver apps are having a devastating impact on the transportation industry. As citizens perhaps we should be more concerned with the negative impacts of unfettered capitalism on our cities and the workers that live there, instead of blindly exploiting cheap and easy services.

Perhaps there are solutions in this modern world that increase transportation convenience without throwing people under the corporate bus.

Here's a taxi driver's perspective:

(On Contact with Chris Hedges)


'The Gig Economy' Is the New Term for Serfdom

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