Thursday, January 4, 2018


The United States of America should enact mandatory voting laws, and incorporate ranked choice into election results. If we could rank our votes by first, second, and third choice, we wouldn't have that choice-of-evils bullshit that makes third parties impossible. Our representitives like to talk about democracy, but they hate doing anything to encourage it.

Individuals and foreign nations don't cheat on U.S. election days, the slime balls who manage elections do. 
Surprise! You're no longer registered to vote.


"They’d sent letters, for example, to soldiers at their home addresses, where they were legally  registered, while they served overseas.   When the letters came back to the RNC as "addressee not home," the "caged" letters were used as evidence that the soldier didn’t exist.

"Caging" soldiers, caging any voter, is a crime.  But in this case, those who committed the crime, the Bush campaign, were also in charge of prosecuting the crime. They didn’t. So Doster is running Moore’s Senate campaign instead of breaking rocks in a chain gang."

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