Tuesday, January 2, 2018



(Chris Hedges & Ralph Nader at TruthDig.com)

"Nader said he feared that the population was so effectively anesthetized by mass culture that it might not rise up against the elites. “The U.S. has developed a society with an almost indeterminate absorptive capacity for injustice, abuse and degradation,” Nader said. “There is no civic education in the schools. They don’t know what the Constitution is. They don’t know what the law of torts is. They don’t know where the town hall is. They’re living in virtual reality, swinging between big screen TV and their cellphones. They’re wallowing in text messages."


Listener Questions and Year End Jokes!
(Ralph Nader Radio Hour)

"To wrap up a year filled with anxiety, Ralph answers a bunch of your questions and then David and Steve try out some jokes.  As usual, Ralph gets the last laugh."

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