Monday, July 9, 2018


I'm not a fan of modern pop music; I love old school rock 'n' roll, and music past and present that fits my personal views regarding what makes music "good."

I also think the music I grew up on was in general better than what is played on the radio these days. But doesn't everyone think that about the music they grew up on? And don't we have a tendency to think things were better in the good old days?

People have waxed nostalgic for centuries, saying things like, "the world is doomed, just look at the kids these days!" I'm pretty sure they said that in ancient Greece and Rome.

Well, I discovered a video that shows why I'm right about my old music, and I think it makes some compelling arguments. But am I the victim of cognitive bias? I say no!


You may disagree, of course, because art is at it's heart subjective.
Below I provide some food for thought about music, and thinking, and the human brain.


(Psychology Today)

(Very Well

(Yale Law & Economics Research Paper No. 561)


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  1. I believe that the downfall of musical civilization can be traced to Britney Spears and the rest of the lip syncing cloned twats.