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Manipulation of public opinion has been an ever-present blight on America since its inception. Lies and deceptions have been used since colonial times to justify wars and conflicts to serve business interests, at the expense of ordinary citizens. We are a nation of Charlie Browns, always willing to try one more time to kick Lucy's football.

Charlie Brown is US, always willing to believe.

Hindsight is obscured by revisionist history, lies upon lies have made it difficult for us to become a wiser populace. Despite all the falsehoods that were later revealed, propaganda still works. Not enough of us have learned the lessons of history, that the masses are tools used to help build empire. The banksters have made war our primary business, mechanisms of destruction our most lucrative manufacturing enterprise. We finance the merchants of death and the trillions they absorb do not trickle down, only the blood of our victims flow, which include our own soldiers, who fight and die for nebulous causes based on rhetoric, not just purposes. 

Our media and the majority of our political stooges sell conflict to the masses to support the agenda of a corrupt Military and Surveillance State that serves the oligarchs. 

Russiagate is bullshit, deflecting everyone from the real problem with our elections, they don't mean anything. The U.S. government ignores the will of the people in favor of the super-rich. Bribery isn't a rare crime in D.C., it's the driving force that defines how the business of our government operates. 

Russia is not a threat to the U.S., but conflict with Russia will help justify the massive flow of public dollars to the Military Industrial Complex, the incomprehensibly massive program that wastes trillions of dollars that could otherwise be spent supporting the taxpayers who provide it. 

The DoD and NSA are a scam, a bloated monstrosity, a literal crime against humanity.

(America's Lawyer)

A Spirited, Substantive Debate on the Trump-Putin Summit, Russia, and U.S. Politics
(Glenn Greenwald at The

"ON SATURDAY, I described the “multiple reasons political discourse is degraded by the fact that it now plays out primarily on Twitter.” On Sunday night, the New York Times’s White House reporter Maggie Haberman announced that she was ” taking a break from this platform” because “it’s not really helping the discourse.” There seems to be a growing recognition, one I certainly share, that Twitter is a uniquely poor, even destructive, medium for conducting complex political debates and should be avoided for those purposes.

That view was reinforced for me by a lengthy, spirited, and substantive debate I had on Democracy Now! this morning about the Trump-Putin summit, and U.S. politics more broadly, with Joe Cirincione, the longtime president of Ploughshares Fund, which has long been devoted to the reduction and ultimate elimination of nuclear weapons, as well as a contributor to MSNBC and Think Progress. Although we disagreed on several critical questions, the debate was substantive, respectful, and nuanced, and therefore, infinitely more illuminating of my positions and his than endless Twitter bickering could possibly achieve..."

(Joe Lauria at

"The indictment of 12 Russian ‘agents,’ which included no collusion with Trump’s team, is essentially a political and not legal document because it is almost certain the U.S. government will never have to present any evidence in court, reports Joe Lauria."

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