Sunday, February 16, 2014

Several Internet "journalists" have denounced the "debate" on Climate Change aired on Meet The Press today. As described on the MTP website: "Scientist Bill Nye and Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., discuss the politics of weather emergencies and climate change."

I actually saw this debacle, after suffering through a ridiculous interview with Mitt Romney. If that wasn't vapid propaganda I don't know what is. I try with a usually high degree of success to ignore this show, and after this morning I encourage everyone else to do so from now on. NBC's Meet The Mess is a waste of any rational person's time, unless you are trying to strengthen your mental defenses against torture. If you can watch this show without screaming you are a step closer to beating even more insidious Psyops.

A recurring complaint about the discussion was that Bill Nye isn't a climate scientist. Well, of course it wouldn't have mattered if he were. This is a news show, and like virtually all of them it is more show than news. I respect Bill Nye too much to complain. He's a man who regularly tries to express reasonable ideas to our unreasonable masses. If Meet The Press really wanted to educate their audience and have a one-on-one with Rep. Blackburn, they should have booked Elmo.

P.S. BTW Elmo and his creator are far more worthy of respect than Rep. Blackburn.

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