Monday, October 30, 2017


Capitalism seems to be working out for a very few, perhaps it's time that our government worked for the vast majority. Socialism can be governance by and for the people, unlike the corrupt crony administration currently in office in the U.S. So called representatives consistantly make decisions that serve corporations and the very rich, at the expense of the struggling and the very poor. Our broken democracy is an oligarchy, an extremely unjust sham.

Socialism, like Medicare for all, free public education, and the right to seek redress against corporate fraud, sounds a lot better than handing out trillions to defense contractors and banksters.

Socialism can be governance by and for the people, designed and controlled by the ballot box. It is feared because we have learned the lessons taught to us by our overlords. Lying is the lesson they were taught. Break out of the chains forged by fascist capitalists and corporate oligarchs.


"Socialism a century ago seemed to be the wave of the future. There were various schools of socialism, but the common ideal was to guarantee support for basic needs, and for state ownership to free society from landlords, predatory banking and monopolies. In the West these hopes are now much further away than they seemed in 1917. Land and natural resources, basic infrastructure monopolies, health care and pensions have been increasingly privatized and financialized.

Instead of Germany and other advanced industrial nations leading the way as expected, Russia’s October 1917 Revolution made the greatest leap. But the failures of Stalinism became an argument against Marxism – guilt-by-association with Soviet bureaucracy. European parties calling themselves socialist or “labour” since the 1980s have supported neoliberal policies that are the opposite of socialist policy. Russia itself has chosen neoliberalism.

Few socialist parties or theorists have dealt with the rise of the Finance, Insurance and Real Estate (FIRE) sector that now accounts for most increase in wealth. Instead of evolving into socialism, Western capitalism is being overcome by predatory finance and rent extraction imposing debt deflation and austerity on industry as well as on labor."

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