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"A vicious species of tick originating from Eastern Asia has invaded the U.S. and is rapidly sweeping the Eastern Seaboard, state and federal officials warn. The tick, the Asian longhorned tick (or Haemaphysalis longicornis), has the potential to transmit an assortment of nasty diseases to humans, including an emerging virus that kills up to 30 percent of victims. So far, the tick hasn't been found carrying any diseases in the U.S. It currently poses the largest threat to livestock, pets, and wild animals; the ticks can attack en masse and drain young animals of blood so quickly that they die -- an execution method called exsanguination."


"...Just stepping foot in the paddock, the owner and health investigators were inundated with thirsty ticks that instantly began clawing up their pant legs. DNA analysis ultimately determined that the ticks were H. longicornis. Investigators found only one male out of 1,058 ticks collected.

To fight back the swarms, the owner doused the sheep in a wash of the insecticide permethrin. By November, it was cleared of ticks, and population levels in the vegetation around the paddock seemed to be dying down, although that was likely due to several nights of below-freezing temperatures.

In April, New Jersey’s Department of Agriculture confirmed that the population had successfully overwintered in the state, suggesting that it has now become established there."

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News concerning corporate privatization blood sucking...and other TICK news!

(The Big Picture)

"Holland Cooke discusses the possibility of privatizing the US Postal Service with Postal Workers Union President Mark Dimondstein and Boom Bust host Bart Chilton. Then, Holland speaks with Dr Joe Alton about the dangers of Lyme disease, and the tendency of doctors to miss the diagnosis."

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