Monday, October 1, 2018



I read some time ago that Anthony Kennedy's decision to leave the court was predicated on ensuring he was replaced by a like-minded asswipe. Unlike leopards court clowns can change their spots!

I forgot where I first saw that, but a brief search turned up this:


"On Kavanaugh pick

Kennedy and Trump/WH had been in negotiations for months over Kennedy’s replacement. Once Kennedy received assurances that it would be Kavanaugh, his former law clerk, Kennedy felt comfortable retiring, according to a source who was told of the discussions.
— Leigh Ann Caldwell (@LACaldwellDC) July 10, 2018"

* * * * *

If you're wondering why Judge Kennedy liked Brett Kavanaugh so much, it's because they both like to take dumps on the poors, and then use The Constitution to wipe their ass.

Justice Kennedy did more than any living American to undermine democracy. Now he’s mad about it.
(Ian Millhiser at Think

"Retired Justice Anthony Kennedy, who authored the Supreme Court’s money-in-politics decision in Citizens United v. FEC, is very worried about the future of democracy.

“In the first part of this century we’re seeing the death and decline of democracy,” said Kennedy, who ushered in the twenty-first century by voting to make George W. Bush president in Bush v. Gore..."

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