Thursday, April 18, 2024

Unstable Shroom Addict

Cold War 2: US officials call to overthrow China's gov't, expand military budget to $1.4 trillion

(Geopolitical Economy Report on YouTube)

"A major Congress member and top former Trump administration official published an article calling to overthrow China's government. They boasted that the US is waging a new cold war and must win it, while proposing a military budget of $1.4 trillion per year. Ben Norton debunks the deceptions of the warmongers in Washington."


Power-hungry homicidal maniacs are playing war games that could literally blow everything up.

Sadly, as we enter the planet's 6th Extinction Event, the only animal avoiding the endangered species list is the War Hawk, and they're the worst pestilence that's ever threatened life on Earth.

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