Thursday, October 13, 2016


For years, but especially since 9/11, fear has been expertly used to coerce us into giving up our civil liberties. Fear fed by media propaganda has enabled the Military and Intelligence Industrial Complex to rake in trillions, gladly donated tax money used to convert our baseless fears into real ones.

The trillions we spend to kill innocent people around the world creates hate that wasn't there to begin with, or justifies already existing hate. But we keep spending and spending. And the powerful fat cats who benefit indirectly from military intervention, or directly as addicts to that cash flow, do not want it to stop. We literally pay billions to blow things up and then pay more billions to put them back together, before blowing them up again. Just ask Dick Cheney, but water board him first. Or read The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.

What happens if the populace ever stops being afraid? 

Well, we've already paid for a solution to that problem.

The surveillance state we finance spies on us, and if they think you are not on their team, they have equipped and trained goons to shut you up. I mean, what else are you gonna do with half of the public money donated by a cowering super power?

The Dark State hates pacifists. Here's just one example from Baltimore, MD: Spying Uncovered. Years ago The Baltimore Sun ran a story about undercover officers spying on peace activists. Imagine someone wishing to slow down the largest and most expensive killing machine in human history?

An award winning documentary shines a light on our emerging police state. Check out the following article, the official website, or go see it.

(The Intercept)

If they really hated us for our freedom, shouldn’t it just be like a mild dislike now?

Do Not Resist

If the general populace ever decides to seize the power they pretend to give us, it will get ugly. No matter how bad you think things are they're undoubtably worse.

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