Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Military conflict (war) transfers huge sums of money through taxes from the populace into the hands of war profiteers, the banks, the weapons makers, and other parasites.

If you consider the cost and accrued debt resulting from war over the last century, weighed against any conceivable benefit to the average citizen, it simply doesn't make sense. The war machine has taken control of both the minds and resources of our nation. Although this process is tremendously harmful to the U.S., it literally destroys nations around the globe. The Military and Intelligence Industrial Complex is run by homicidal maniacs we not only allow into all of our homes by allowing them to surveil us, we pay them for the privilege. War isn't saving us from destruction, it is racing us headlong toward it.

I wonder if anyone has crunched the numbers on all the energy and cash wasted by fighting in the Middle East because of its oil reserves, compared to the savings and availability of that resource if we simply bought it from those countries. I believe the facts would show that we would have been far better off doing it the peaceful way, but the U.S. would contain a lot less billionaires.

A century of hostile activity against foes that never invaded or even threatened us has only resulted in unimaginable death and destruction, and a cauldron of global animosity. The insanity of decades of leadership bent on paranoid or self-serving war has truly fucked us all royally. 

Militarism is just another religion I can't stand.

Why America Needs War

The Military Industrial Complex Is
Undermining US National Security


"The U.S. military burns millions of pounds of munitions in a tiny, African-American corner of Louisiana. The town’s residents say they’re forgotten in the plume."

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