Sunday, November 15, 2020



 There's precious little faith in the courts these days. Fundamentalists are destroying it.

 Alito Attacks Marriage Equality, COVID Orders, and Reproductive Rights in Speech

(Chris Walker, 

"Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito delivered an impassioned and alarming speech on Thursday evening that touched on a number of hot-button political issues — an unusual move from a Supreme Court justice that provoked sharp rebukes from a number of legal experts.

The justice’s words, delivered virtually as a keynote speech to the right-wing Federalist Society, made suspect warnings over encroachments on individual liberty in the United States. Alito criticized Supreme Court rulings on marriage equality, for example, and discussed his concerns over restrictions being issued by state governments in order to deal with the coronavirus pandemic."

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The United States of America is a cult. A set of strongly held beliefs based on myths and falsehoods. Its politics is simply a cult of personality. Our soap opera news services provide puerile entertainment, devoid of meaningful content, while moneyed interests pull on the strings of power without scrutiny or accountability. We no longer even expect our politicians to represent their constituents. 

The long anticipated corporate coup is here. If you don't like what your government is doing, blame the corporate donors that control it. And if you're hoping that law and order will save you from the ravages of criminal overreach, well, good luck asking cult members, with lifetime appointments, to curb abuses of power.

 The RNC and DNC are cynical mechanisms oligarchs use to con you into believing you're participating. Kamala Harris will likely, perhaps shortly, be our president. Biden was a prop, and not a convincing one. She dropped out of her primary before the orchestrated mass exodus, because her numbers were abysmal. So, someone who left the primary due to lack of interest in her campaign, will more than likely be our president. That's what happens when corporations are the parties. They do not run party elections like a company, they are companies. They love taking your money, but they only pay attention to the billionaires.

It's time to stop supporting the Duopoly!

Movement for a People's Party

Or there's this to look forward to:

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