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Trillions for me nothing for thee.

Janet Yellen: We Can "ABSOLUTELY" Afford to Fund Two Wars at Once

October 20, 2023
(Due Dissidence on YouTube)

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Congresswoman Barbara Lee Speaks on Defense Spending, Proposed 1% Cut to Pentagon Spending

March 26, 2014
(Rep. Barbara Lee C-Span clip)

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Pentagon fails sixth audit, with number of passing grades stagnant

November 15, 2023
(by Noah Robertson at

"WASHINGTON — For the sixth year in a row, the Pentagon failed its annual audit."

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Putin's Invasion of Ukraine Salon | Ray McGovern, John Mearsheimer

March 6, 2022
(Consortium News on YouTube)
Convened March 2nd 2022
by the Committee for the Republic
Q&A host:
Bruce Fein, constitutional lawyer

Prof. John Mearsheimer
- political scientist, University of Chicago

Ray McGovern
- former C.I.A. head of Russia desk

Jack Matlock
- last US ambassador to the Soviet Union

Ted Postol
- MIT professor of technology and international security

Susan Eisenhowe
- grand-daughter of General Dwight D. Eisenhower


The money laundering scheme we call our federal government is struggling to contain The Narrative.



Rare clips from the last Pentagon audit!

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