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Is Chomsky Advocating Crazy Behavior?

 (Interview with Robert Scheer at
"After a harrowing discussion about humanity’s undeniable march toward a dystopian future, world-renowned thinker Noam Chomsky and Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer move on to other pressing topics related to current events and end on a positive note."
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Noam Chomsky is an amazing scholar and chronicler of history and politics, and an exceptional study in what a thoughtful life looks like, but ultimately he's also a fallible human being. My disagreement with him on this issue is not a condemnation of his valuable legacy.


I've heard the "lesser of two evils" argument my entire life. We can never vote our principles, because "we have to stop a maniac from becoming President!" Can you recall an election without this tired canard? Thinking that continually compromising your vote simply to stop someone perceived as worse, might somehow eventually move things in a positive direction, has proven disastrous. The whole notion has been a successful con job, it has made crazier and crazier elections possible, as the choices became increasingly a choice between which candidate is less awful. American politics is a race to the bottom, accompanied by flashy sports graphics and analysis by bloviating idiots.

That the complicit U.S. Main Stream Media makes our politics an international laughing stock would be a joke, if it weren't that the result is ubiquitous international economic and military warfare by our corporate overlords. The best hope for rational politics might be to unplug your cable, turn off the TV, and research history and politics by reading books and paying attention to commentary by qualified folks, not talking heads paid millions of dollars to lie to your face.

Repeatedly voting for the lesser evil and expecting anything to improve, over and over and over and over again, is (by definition?) crazy behavior.

Of course we could have instituted rank choice voting across the board, and filled Congress based on percentage of support, rather than winner takes all. A more representative legislature might have been a check on presidential power and foreign and domestic policy crimes (to simply call them blunders is macabre propaganda). Unfortunately, the corporate toadies in our oligarchic duopoly want nothing more than a less representative government. 


Alternatives to the degenerate Republican/Democratic Party are demonized not because they are a bad idea, but because it would shift power toward the people. The term "choices" is often bandied about as a desirable thing, unless we're in an election cycle. Arguments against Third Parties are universally arguments against a more representative government.

Below is an excellent comment posted by Griffon under the Chomsky interview.
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I'm callin' a heapin' helpin 'o Bullsh!t!

    NC: I think you’re right to say that Trump is a symptom, but a very ugly and dangerous symptom of something much deeper. We can ask the question: What drove the Republicans off the rails? The Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in human history, literally, for just reasons of global warming and militarism–forget the rest, there’s plenty more–but that alone.

By this metric, the failure-crats are just as, if not more dangerous since obama and clinton tried to shove fracking down everyone's throat worldwide, pushed for the filthy "clean coal" lies, filled his cabinet with Monsanto and oil lackeys, approved Arctic drilling, purposely low-balled BP spill estimates, and the democrats have joined trump in trying to unilaterally, illegally overthrow sovereign Venezuela, which has the largest oil reserves in the world......

Remember how Captain Quisling obama drank filtered Flint water and declared it safe?


Not to mention obama adding wars in Libya, Somalia, military in Africa, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, pushed to stay in Afghanistan and launched a surge despite his certainly knowing full well that even the military didn't know what the Fukc it was doing in Afghanistan from day 1! Then there are the illegal drone bombings, obama handing trump a war-crimes-qualifying Kill List, continuing with depleted uranium munitions....

...and the democrats even continually expanding nutcase trump's defense budgets, funding the world's filthiest polluter, the U.S. military, than the next 140 countries combined!

Yeah...but somehow, it's all about trump, right? Hell, trump ain't nearly come close to obama's and clinton's body-count yet. But, that's not even the biggest, stupidest, gaping, gaping hole in Chomsky's "argument." Chomsky claims a Morton's Fork is a "rational position."


Why are we constantly refusing to "deal with the fundamental roots of what's wrong?" Because neither party enforces the law. Neither party holds responsible the War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, Torture, Kill Lists, Election Theft, Injustice, Unilateral Assassination, Bribery, Corporate Welfare, Corporate Fraud, Bank Fraud, Corporate Murder, Crimes Against Sovereign Nations, Terrorism by the U.S., Indefinite Detention, Absence of Due Process, No Judicial Oversight, CIA/FBI/NSA/CPB Criminality, Domestic nauseam.

The democrats stood by and allowed, encouraged and actively accelerated the sh!tstorm that is now the trump era, on top of uncritically continuing the bush doctrine.

No, we will never achieve 'dealing with the fundamental roots of what's wrong,' unless we scrap the whole rotten process/system and reboot. Put power back into the hands of the People. We're on the "lesser evil" merry-go-round and the motor's on fire. Neither the parasitic, lying democrats nor the scumbag republicans should be allowed near the levers of Public service. Shut down the corporate takeover. We need a direct democracy with authentic oversight and accountability. And consequences. We need to destroy both suicidal, psychopathic parties; Democracy's been compromised.

Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D.. Hydra grew right under S.H.I.E.L.D.'s nose and S.H.I.E.L.D. didn't notice since they were just as rotten.

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