Monday, December 21, 2020



Jagoff Comedians unite!

Early on, I was impressed by AOC's passion and eloquence. Now, I'm not impressed by her actions.

AOC has brought up the obstacle of PAYGO as a reason to defer a floor vote on "Medicare for All."

Nancy Pelosi supported PAYGO. How many reasons do you need to stop supporting that old right-wing wind bag? Pelosi has got to go! The amazing thing about Dore's plan, is that it can happen without dumping Pelosi, so it's a win/lose plan, but still great.

M4A saves money. Period. Medical Insurance Companies are just a burdensome paperwork tax. Health insurance executives make millions and millions of dollars serving only as gatekeepers. No health insurance company has ever provided healthcare, they just take some of your money before they let you see a care provider. So called "death panels" occur when money can be made by adding paywalls to medical treatments.

A government bureaucrat processing claims has no incentive to deny legitimate requests for care. A single payer system streamlines the process and removes the profit motives that literally kill people. And M4A is not a "government-run" healthcare system, doctors and hospitals would remain private (if that's what concerns you). It's just an easier and more efficient way to pay the bills. Everyone from your president to your local bagger at the market would share your medical plan. And healthcare plans wouldn't be controlled by your employer, or even be incumbent upon employment at all. Everyone would have coverage. Period.

If PAYGO is invoked, deflect all necessary funds from military spending. In fact, money should stop going to the Military Industrial Complex until they can pass an audit.

AOC Interview Signals She's Unwilling to Fight Pelosi For Medicare 4 All

(The Jimmy Dore Show)