Tuesday, December 22, 2020



This site used to link to TYT.

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I removed my link to TYT.

I discovered TYT waaay late, I thought it was another decent alternative media site. After I watched it a few times, I was very disappointed. Cenk turned me off and his staff seemed so naive and stupid I unsubscribed. Ana Kasparian was particularly annoying. She was so uninspiring I could never get through any of her commentary. I thought she was just an idiot, but now I think maybe she's stupid and a shill. 

TYT is a waste of time.


  1. The rightwing of leftists, able to describe what's at surface level but beyond this noticeably confused. 20 million dollars in Clinton dollars they accepted. #ForceTheVote 32,320 supporters and counting for Medicare brought to the House Floor via Progressives currently with the necessary leverage telling Pelosi, no vote for her for Speaker at the start of January unless she brings M4A to the House Floor.

    If she goes ahead anyway and loses, it kicks back to Dems for a new speaker. No political capital lost in a party that hates and wants to crush Progressives. But for a fleeting moment, progressives have power.

    A policy that 90% of Dem voters support and a majority of Republicans in a pandemic and Progressives hold the cards - what better time to get this ball rolling?

    But Progressives don't want to do it. AOC said earlier, "We can't even get a vote on M4A to the House floor!" Now she can, it's a no to pushing it. Join the push to get them to see the strength of their position at this moment, the nothing to lose aspect, and the reasons why now is the time. https://forcethevote.org/


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