Wednesday, March 27, 2019



 Russiagate was a fraud!

The faux-Republicans commonly referred to as Democrats deflected attention away from their political loss, their myriad shortcomings, and their own election tampering by pointing incoherently and screaming, "The Russians shaked 'N' baked the 2016 election! And Trump helped!"

This modern Red Scare was tremendously harmful to the U.S., World Peace, Press Freedom, and what's left of our Pitiable Democracy. It was a scheme, an easily verifiable conspiracy to discredit Trump, as if you needed one, and avert attention away from more important and relevant issues. It was also an obvious attempt to reignite a new Cold War to justify our out-of-control Military and Intelligence Industrial Complex, the largest and most destructive entity this planet has ever known.

Of course our various departments of disinformation gave their full support, in yet another idiotic Intelligence effort. The same Spooks who helped establish a torture regime under W, and lie us into the catastrophic and illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and around the world, were ready to help with more deceptions. The alphabet soup of our national security state should rebrand under the banner Lies 'R' US.

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the US public believes is false”
* William J. Casey (1981) *

That it was a political scam, like the Ken Starr investigation of President Clinton, was abundantly clear if you ignored Main Stream Media. Both Clinton and Trump are horrible, but somehow lengthy and costly investigations of them didn't expose serious crimes or result in positive policy changes. Results that should have been very easy to accomplish, considering they were both crooks with bad ideas. Of course when the "cops" are also criminals, well...therein lies the rub. These probes only proved those supremely powerful men cheated on their wives. News Flash! That isn't a news flash.

I never considered Russiagate as anything other than a shallow ruse, with deeply grave consequences. Russiagate was the real crime. It wasted tax dollars on a trumped up conspiracy theory to entertain a blind electorate. It will result in harm to all of us, except oddly enough, President Trump. An intentional or unintended consequence? Probably another massive blunder among many perpetrated by the hand-picked stooges that run things for the one percent.

The Mueller nothing burger would have been no surprise to you, if instead of paying attention to the endless spew of nonsense that is Main Stream Journalism and god forbid Televised News, you paid attention to, among others, this short list:

Chris Hedges
Ralph Nader
Glenn Greenwald
Aaron Maté
Matt Taibbi
Caitlin Johnstone
Greg Palast

Lee Camp
Jimmy Dore


So, Trump wins and we all lose. Thanks for nothing Oligarchs and Corporate Media. If everyone stopped watching TV and never voted for another Democrat or Republican we'd still probably be doomed, but we might meet our fate with a little less suffering.

(Rolling Stone)


And so it goes.

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