Monday, March 4, 2019



It goes without saying that CNN is devoid of credibility, so I was relieved to see that the gross distortions and obvious bias of the CNN-hosted Bernie town hall were scarcely mentioned in The Real News analysis of his performance. The Venezuelan question in question should have been dismissed as a fact-less act of pure propaganda, despite Bernie calling it a "good question."

The Real News take on his answer is interesting, but what a lot of folks want to know is whether Bernie is playing the MSM crowd to maintain his media exposure, or whether he really believes the Venezuelan narrative spewed out by the Neo-liberal lying machine.

(The Real

"At the CNN town hall, Sanders opposed U.S. intervention in Venezuela, refused to call Maduro a dictator, or recognize Guaido, but he didn’t call for an end to sanctions – with Jacqueline Luqman, Eugene Puryear, Norman Solomon and host Paul Jay"

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