Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Media whores covered Trump 24/7 then wondered why people paid attention to him. They also helped the DNC foist a loser on the electorate, contributing to Bernie's demise. I'm among those who thought Bernie had a better chance against Trump than Hillary. The Main Stream Media and our political elites are both out of touch, pushing disinformation defines the disservice of the former, self-serving serves as a definition of the latter.

I've been ready for a Trump presidency for a long time. Considering the depths to which our political discourse has sunk, he is the obvious result. 

Trump is merely another nail, perhaps gold-plated, in the coffin of the U.S. Empire. An empire whose death is as inevitable as it is justified.

To be honest, it's Pence that truly frightens me. He's another Cheney, an evil bastard lurking behind a buffoon.

I don't feel much like accentuating the positive, but Ralph gave it a try.


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