Thursday, November 10, 2016

Robert Parry's take on our current debacle.

John Nichols' take on our current debacle.
(The Nation)

(Democracy video)

(Democracy video)

I fear conservative control of our government more than Trump, himself. Funny how our broken democracy puts Republicans in charge even when they lose (Why Republicans Lost the Vote But Kept the House). Both W and Trump lost the popular vote. 

A blind faith in god, guns and greed are dooming us all. Conservative thinking empowers the destructive plutocracy. They legislate based on twisted notions they purport pleases a sky fairy. They argue that giving to the rich will help the poor. They protect polluters and condemn conservationists. Conservative idiocy seems inexhaustible and is ultimately suicidal. Seeking endless growth instead of sustainability is insane behavior in a finite system. Conspicuous consumption is a virulent disease conservatives cherish, and it is literally killing life around the globe. They think they are going to Heaven, but they're only making a Hell on Earth.

Obama and the Clintons spoke out against conservative thinking, while doing little to thwart it. The same moneyed interests called their shots. The same criminals who got rich on Republican malfeasance cashed in on Democratic collusion. 


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