Tuesday, November 15, 2016


(CBS This Morning - Youtube video)

"Sincerity - if you can fake that, you've got it made."
- George Burns

I've posted an odd mashup this morning. Burns's quip sadly doesn't apply to Bernie Sanders. Bernie seems sincere to me, real to me, if he's faking it he is doing a very good job. Unfortunately, sincerity doesn't have the clout it had in George's day. All Bernie got was shade.

Hold on. I think Burns is saying that genuine sincerity is useless, only the sincerity of con artists pays off. Cue Trump! Although, if you are as openly insincere as The Donald does that in some way equate to a bizarre form of sincerity? Perhaps I'm dancing on the head of a pinhead.

I think Sander's performed well on CBS This Morning, and because I usually avoid such things I was shocked yet again at the shallowness of the wretched spokes models. Sycophants does not begin to describe the jokes that purport to be journalists these days. 

"But but but Mr Sanders, we have this memo from Hillary, how can it not be the truth." Sigh.

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