Sunday, March 5, 2017


Before you start laughing at me and my bag, consider…

The old axiom that one should consider the source when assessing the validity of information should always be accompanied by the corollary, it’s always best to consider as many sources as possible. 

The reduction of major media ownership worldwide to a half dozen billionaires makes me suspect their agendas, so I pay more attention to less mainstream sources. By comparing disparate news sources I see how the focus of coverage shifts, and try to come to the most plausible conclusions based on the agendas that manifest themselves, no doubt with varying success.

Consider climate change. I’ve seen on The Right an attempt to disseminate the notion that scientists falsify research in order to somehow profit by it. Most climate scientists advocate alternative energy sources like solar or wind power. No one has a monopoly on sunlight or the atmosphere. If a profit motive is to be invoked isn’t it more likely that the energy industry, that makes obscene profits from their control of fossil fuels, has a vested interested in manipulating the science?

Most folks that deny climate change are either paid by the oil giants or are taken in by their propaganda. You should check out who hands out the checks at Fox News.


A source of news subject to extreme vilification is RT, Russia Today. I love their programs, they’re very refreshing. You should try some:

Aljazeera is another example of decent news dismissed as BS. These little AJ animations are sweet:




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