Monday, March 13, 2017

In order to create modern feudalism will
ordain a New Constitution to make us rich
and enslave the rabble.

The U.S. Constitution does not consist of words magically carved into stone by lightning arcing from the divine hands of larger than life gods that walked the Earth in a mythical and perfect land of freedom and bravery. It is a flawed document created by flawed individuals that represented a select minority of privileged colonial oligarchs. But it was at least a start and may have resulted in sound government. But the monied class has been pounding on it from before it was ratified to last night on the Twittersphere.

We have discovered over time that there are very good things in it, and bad things, mistakes and confusing verbiage, omissions, and areas that don't anticipate the complexities of an ever evolving modern world.

I embrace improving amendments or any beneficial modifications to the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately the current tide of events presage an unsavory ravaging of The Constitution, particularly The Bill of Rights. If we let them the oligarchy will tighten their grip and further usurp our government to our detriment.

"A few years ago, it would have been a thought experiment; now it's nearly reality."
(Thom Hartman @

"The third—and incredibly dangerous—strategy to amend the Constitution is to simply call a “Convention of the States,” again using Article 5, and open the entire document itself up to rewriting and tinkering through the brute-force method of multiple amendments that can effectively rewrite any part of the Constitution.

This third strategy is the one being used right now, as you're reading these words, in a very well-funded effort by right-wing oligarchs. If they can pull it off in the states (where it's cheaper to buy politicians), then Congress, the president and even the courts would have no say over it.

Their goal appears to be to put into the Constitution specific prohibitions against any programs (from Social Security to Medicare to food stamps) that they've always viewed as “unconstitutional socialism,” and to permanently enshrine in the Constitution the “right” of corporations and billionaires to own politicians and spend unlimited monies to influence elections and ballot measures. It would effectively turn America into a feudal state owned by the people FDR called the "economic royalists."

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