Sunday, March 12, 2017


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Sadly, hacks like Rachel Maddow serve as apologists for the entrenched left-wing of the conservative right, what is more commonly referred to as the Democratic Party. Like the flood of mainstream comedians riding the political tide that swelled after The Daily Show showed the way, she spews just enough liberal taking points to interest left-leaning viewers, but eventually stops short of rocking the corporate boat. 

The hype would have us believe that The MSM has a liberal bias. That is only true if you prefer your news in easily parroted packets of conservative propaganda constructed around alternative facts.

For decades America has been ruled by either Republicans, or Republican Lite, as Democrats shifted their loyalty from ordinary people to corporate donors. This inexorable shift to the right lost them progressive support and eased the take over of the oligarchs, who are best served by radical conservatism. 

Radical conservatism stirs the hearts and guts of its constituency to self-righteously fight against their own interests. The proponents of so called conservative thought have managed to manage the perceptions of a gullible electorate to make a small group enormously rich, to the detriment of the vast majority. And as their shit predictably hits the fan, they routinely blame the victims, to cheers and applause. 

The immense power wielded by the billionaire class, the American Aristocracy and their cohorts abroad, has pushed the world generally, the U.S. especially, toward a form of unfettered capitalism that is as destructive as it is unsustainable. No light I can shine on this phenomenon is as readily accessible as even a brief consideration of the Trump Administration. The outrageously inappropriate cronies appointed by the current administration openly state as a goal the dismantling of the U.S. Government.

I await them pulling W's "Mission Accomplished" banner out of moth balls.

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