Friday, March 17, 2017


I enjoy reading and listening to Chris Hedges. I respect him even in those rare moments when I question his argument or disagree with his opinion. He is a genuine voice of reason in a discordant chorus of rediculous clap trap.

(Counter Punch Radio - Episode 78)

"This week Eric sits down with author and journalist Chris Hedges to discuss Trump, the Democrats, resistance, and more. The conversation begins with an assessment of the political and psychological impact of Trump on America in the early days of his administration. Eric and Chris touch on the nature of Trump's regime, the fascist ideological and historical framework from which the politics emerges, and the seamless transition of Empire from one administration and party to the other. The second half of the discussion examines the attempt by Democrats to co-opt and commodify the resistance as they continue to serve the interests of Wall Street, the insidious role of the media in bolstering the Empire's narratives, the emergence of the concept of "fake news," the importance of defending independent media on the Left, and so much more. Don't miss this week's show!"

( video) 

"In a recent speech titled “After Trump and Pussy Hats” delivered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges tells the audience that “resistance must also be accompanied by an alternative vision of a socialist, anti-capitalist society.”

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