Tuesday, August 2, 2016

(TomDispatch article)

Blindly supporting the syphoning of trillions of dollars to the DoD is not just a crime against sanity, it is a crime against humanity.


Why has waste at the Pentagon been so hard to rein in?  The answer is, in a sense, not complicated: the military-industrial complex profits from waste.  Closer scrutiny of waste could mean not just cheaper spare parts, but serious questions about whether cash cows like the F-35 are needed at all.  An accurate head count of the hundreds of thousands of private contractors employed by the Pentagon would reveal that a large proportion of them are doing work that is either duplicative or unnecessary. In other words, an effective audit of the Pentagon or any form of serious oversight of its wasteful way of life would pose a financial threat to a sector that is doing just fine under current arrangements.

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