Tuesday, August 2, 2016

(*Education by and for big business)

 We should all fear the stealthy takeover of public education by the oligarchy.

Bought politicians eliminated laws that protected us from monopolized media, enabling the oligarchs to consolidate media to such an extent that news and entertainment (indistinguishable from each other these days) have become propaganda and market-friendly brainwashing. If big money manages to take over education it will create an even less informed electorate (which hardly seems possible), a dream for them and a nightmare for everyone else. "Ed Corp" will provide generations of ignorant yet productive automatons slaving for mammon.


All the old evils still exist, many are simply hidden in plain sight. The plutocrats want a powerless populace to serve and support them. They want wages low and productivity high, creating kinda a kinder gentler slavery.

Unions are a defense against industrial slavery. They promote workers rights and fight for better working conditions. Unions are disappearing and it isn't by accident. The war against workers has been succeeding over the last several decades. 

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