Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Abortion is not a complex issue. It is a legal medical procedure that even the Supreme Court has upheld as a personal right of women requiring or desiring it.

The Right has failed to make it illegal to get an abortion. Wing Nuts over the years have advocated both the murder of doctors and the destruction of women's health facilities, but that has proved less effective than their current disgusting and devious strategy of using state legislation to make it all but impossible to obtain this legal service.

NPR chimed in with yet another reasonable-sounding hack job. By not sounding hysterical, instead advocating calm and thoughtful analysis, they were able to propagandize on this topic. Reacting to the self-aggrandizing Trump stumbling over his opinions on abortion, NPR accepted a religious zealot's analysis as the logical counter perspective. NPR served the RNC by bashing Trump and as a bonus spun the issue into a Pro-Life commercial. Morning Edition is a way to add crap to your wake up coffee cup.

Anti-Abortion Group Weighs In On Donald Trump's Comments (NPR.org transcript, audio available on the page)


John Oliver ( Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Abortion Laws ) provided a summary of how abortion is becoming only theoretically legal.

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