Tuesday, August 2, 2016



BE AFRAID! People don't like us. Could it be because we slaughter them, topple their governments, exploit their resources, and literally sanction them to death? No, must be because we're just too damn good, pissing the bad guys off. They can't hate us for our freedom anymore, because we've been busy giving that away to the surveillance state. We're like a boxer throwing his glove up to protect his face, only we keep punching ourselves. All our opponents are winning because we keep knocking ourselves out. The U.S. is a bully who should start asking himself, "Why do I keep punching myself in the face?"

One solution is to donate trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars to an organization that specializes in crushing killing and destroying. Folks'll thank us for destroying their countries and killing their families, right?

Makes as much sense as this
Crush-Kill-Destroy propaganda piece.

Millions of lives are destroyed and trillions are spent without tangible benefits. What a racket! A counter-productive colossal waste that chews up tax money like a black hole, but gets glowing reviews from the Lame Stream Media. If you don't gain power or profit directly from the Military Industrial Complex, you should be asking for some accountability. What is it good for, indeed. The U.S. now wages war without discussion or analysis. We slaughter people everywhere and it's barely news worthy.

Endless global war has been sold to us as business as usual, because…wait…it's coming to me…oh yea, fear. Endless global war is actually catastrophically bizarre and a crime against humanity. Even worse it is a crime against the planet Earth. One way or another spreading conflict throughout the world will harm everyone, including us.

Consider this:
 Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine is worth reading.

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