Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The game is basically this: rather than have tax money support and serve the people, big business and the war machine wish all of it to be given to them. That is why they support more tax burdens on the poor, tax cuts to the rich, slashing the budgets of everything except an already bloated DoD, and privatization of resources and services rather than government oversight. Generally speaking privatization means some people get very rich and all the risks are leveled at the average citizen. I prefer democratic socialism over the corporate kind. I think key services such as health, education, energy and banks should be under public control. Fuck privatization.

For decades our corporate crony politicians have been handing out your money to a few fat cats, and depriving the rest of us. The ruling class in America has pulled off the biggest heist in human history. Vote them all out. Boycott the ruling parties. Vote for anyone except a Republican or Democrat. Make the government start working for you, not against you. Any decent politician will abandon the corrupt parties and go independent or third party, once they realize most citizens will follow.

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